Washington, DC – June 2009

Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) gathered in Washington, DC for the National Educational Computing Conference (now named ISTE — International Society for Technology in Education).

On Sunday, June 28, 2009, approximately thirty ADEs met near the White House, held an orientation session, then divided into teams and proceeded to make photos in the White House vicinity, followed by the National Mall.

This was a fabulous event, during which participants were able to stroll our nation’s capital, see historic sites up close, and capture images that will give us great memories for many years to come. We had so much fun laughing and learning with each other that, after we left the territory near the White House and ventured on to the National Mall, we began at the World War II Memorial and moved gradually to the Lincoln Memorial.  That consumed our entire day!  We never made it back to the Eastern portion of the National Mall–to the areas around the Washington Monument, Smithsonian Institutes, or the US Capitol Building.  We were just having too much fun with our cameras and enjoying delightful fellowship.

All along the way, we were teaching each other about compositional ideas, as well as rather exotic (for us, anyway) techniques that produced some startling images.

[To be edited…Photos from this Photo Safari are posted here. (include URL or images)  ]

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  1. Larry,
    I had the privilege of working with you on the Photo Safari at NECC 2009 in Washington, DC. I was wondering if the gallery of photos is still available. I checked your blog but the link was never posted.


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