San Diego, CA – June 2012

This information pertains to the 4th Annual ADE Photo Safari, held in conjunction with the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Conference.  Traditionally, the Photo Safari is conducted on the opening Sunday of the conference.

To view the pool of photos made by participants in this Photo Safari, visit

Location: San Diego, CA — Convention Center, Seabrook Village, and Gaslamp District vicinity
Date: Sunday, June 24, 2012

Leadership Team Members:

  • Julie Garcia, Site Coordinator
  • Craig Nansen, Co-Founder, ADE Photo Safaris
  • Gordon Worley
  • John Maschak
  • Ty Richardson
  • Otto Benavides
  • Bob Williams
  • Ken Shelton
  • Tom Woodward
  • Gayle Berthiaume
  • Chris Penny
  • Lindie Kolk
  • Niki Peel
  • Larry Anderson, Co-Founder, ADE Photo Safaris

This team of outstanding Apple Distinguished Educators (along with pro photographer, Bob Williams) spent many months planning every conceivable detail surrounding this Photo Safari, with the intention that this would be a maximally-beneficial experience for all who participated.  Their efforts, individual and combined, paid off in a huge way.

We had a great group of people who came out to enjoy a full day of photographing beautiful San Diego.  Nobody was the least bit disappointed.

Photo Safari Members

In the process of this Photo Safari, a tremendous amount of teaching took place, too.  It was quite common to see photographers huddled, while one member was giving instructions on some special technique.  Or, maybe it was merely a mini-tutorial on camera settings.  Sometimes, the occasions might have been to swap lenses or cameras, just to give people opportunities to try a variety of shooting conditions.


Teachable Moment


You may be able to imagine the kinds of photos that this group of eager people could make in such a gorgeous place as San Diego.  However, there’s no way to capture the electric excitement that spread throughout the members as we enjoyed the great fellowship of being together with friends having a common interest.  And, for many of us, it was the first time we had seen each other in a year—since the last Photo Safari at the 2011 ISTE Conference in Philadelphia.

Please visit the Flickr group photo pool (link shown above) to see the photos from our Photo Safari in San Diego!

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