Sharing Photos

We want to make sure that we harvest the best photographs from our safari and post them online.

Here are some considerations and ideas about posting photos online.

Preparing photos for posting

  • Download all your photos to your computer (using Aperture or iPhoto) so you can choose your “selects.”  Each person should try to “select” approximately 10-15 of your favorite shots.
  • Be sure to tag all photos with the appropriate tags — tags indicating the safari, as well as your location and other items that are descriptive.
  • You may want to rename all photos so they include your name in the title.  Ex:  Anderson 391.  This would let you know that Larry Anderson made this photo and it is number 391 in his library.
  • You will be given a PicasaWeb web gallery address where our photos will be gathered.  Be sure to complete all the “up-front” work (tagging, renaming, etc.) prior to uploading your selects to the web gallery we are using for this site –
  • In addition to the web gallery, you should upload your five (or more) best photos to the Flickr ISTE2011 ADE Photo Safari group – If you don’t have a free Flickr (the most popular photography site) account, you’re encouraged to sign up for one.

Tools for posting photos online

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