Photography Workshop

[This page is included in the Philadelphia Photo Safari set, because several of the safari leadership team members conducted a day-long photography workshop on the day prior to the photo safari.  Each year, at the ISTE Conference, we conduct this workshop in an effort to help our colleague educators understand their cameras better and to know how to interpret the world around them so that the images used in their lessons and by their students will be of much higher quality.  The notes below pertain to the workshop.  I have omitted the full agenda, but it is extremely thorough.]

“Secrets of the Masters: Digital Photography Soup to Nuts” on Saturday…8:30-3:30.

Larry Anderson

Co-presenters (and also photo safari team members) are:
Craig Nansen
Gordon Worley
John Maschak (Apple Canada)
Bob Williams (pro photographer)
Ty Richardson
Katie Morrow
Kevin Morrow

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