Essential Details

Essential Details of the ADE Photo Safari
Historic Downtown Philadelphia ISTE2011

(Note that plans listed below are subject to change prior to the actual safari date.)

Date:           Sunday, June 26, 2011

Location:     Philadelphia, PA during ISTE2011

Venue:         Historic Downtown Philadelphia

Time:           9:00 AM – 3:00 PM (or later, if some want to stay)

Target Audience: 
This is intended for, first and foremost, Apple Distinguished Educators.  However, we will open up registration to others, as space permits and interest grows.

Safari Route & Activities:
Click on “Agenda, Locations and Maps” in the sidebar.

Registration/Participation Fee:

Can’t beat the price – it’s Free!

Bonus Features:

  • Pro Photographers:  Plans are underway to invite several professional photographers to accompany us so that we may have coaching on best techniques for making photos.
  • Video:  If you are a seasoned videographer and would like to record some video documenting this trip, we encourage you to let us know so that we can include you in the plans for ensuring top-quality video products.
  • Aperture processing:  Each ADE has received a NFR copy of Aperture 3, as a part of your membership.  So, to help ensure that we leave Philadelphia with the best possible images, we hope to have a team of Aperture experts who will hold post-safari processing sessions.  To participate in this, you will need to have sufficient hard drive storage space, whether it’s on your own computer or some external hard drive.  Also, it would be a great idea to bring large capacity flash drives, in case you need to offload some photos that will be combined into an ADE exhibit.  More details forthcoming.
  • Offloading raw images.  We need to capture everybody’s images before we split up and head back to our hotels.  One solution will be for somebody from each group to be responsible for offloading images from users’ CF or SD cards to a storage device, then prepare to share all those images with the leadership team.  When group determines who will be the responsible person in charge of all images, please notify Larry Anderson, Craig Nansen, or John Maschak.
  • … (more to be added)

All participants must agree to the copyright parameters.  All images captured during this photo safari will be copyright-free and will be made available to others for educational purposes.  If watermarks are added to images, they must not include any copyright information.  ADEs are about creating, sharing, and advocating for enhanced educational opportunities, so it is in that spirit that we ensure the public domain nature of the images we capture.


Team Leaders/Event Planners:

Please contact any member of the team for additional information or to volunteer your services to help.

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