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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Sorry to hear that you won’t be attending ISTE this year. This is my first year attending. I am a new computer teacher and one of my responsibilities (which I LOVE) is the yearbook advisor. I started this position mid year but I quickly discovered how many students are interested in photography. They love to photograph themselves and their friends!!! I’m a novice photographer but I’m interested in learning more. Thank you for the free book!

  2. Hi, I had signed up for your session at the ISTE Conference. I was surprised to see you are from Tupelo! My mother was from Shannon, and we went there every year of my life until not too long ago. My sister and I always stayed with my cousins in Tupelo, so I have deep roots there. I love your city and am planning to come there around the 12th of July! I would love a copy of your book. My name and address are:
    Melissa Thibodeaux
    1370 Lobdell Avenue
    Baton Roue, LA 70806

    Thank you so much! Sorry you are going to miss the conference. It will be my first ever!!! 🙂 Melissa

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